LEFF Amsterdam

LEFF Amsterdam was created because the team wanted to create a brand in which they would not have to make concessions or make decisions for economic reasons. With this brand, they had the opportunity to do things exactly the way they wanted. They started with a collection of 6 indoor timepieces, in collaboration with well-known and unknown designers. It was only after working with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek that LEFF Amsterdam became the unconventional watch brand of today.



BRICK | WALL & DESK CLOCK | Erwin Termaat | Leff Amsterdam

Edelstahl | weisses zifferblattEdelstahl | schwarzes zifferblattKomplett schwarzBronze | schwarzes zifferblatt

BLOCK ALARM CLOCK | Metall TISCHUHR & WECKER | Erwin Termaat | Leff Amsterdam

Silber | weisses zifferblattSchwarzKupfer | schwarzes zifferblattMessing | schwarzes zifferblattSilber | schwarzes zifferblatt