Design objects from Areaware - simply extraordinary The designers of the American brand Areaware succeed in giving everyday objects a very individual touch. Traditional stylistic elements play just as important a role as modern approaches. These designs will inspire you if you are not satisfied with boring mass products. Areaware - unmistakable creations These creative products simply put you in a good mood without neglecting their actual function. Decorative and functional at the same time, these are anything but ordinary everyday items. Here you can order unique accessories, which score with originality as well as with their worth seeing design. For example, what do you think of the piggy bank created by Harry Allen or a concrete desk set? Areaware's designers have many exciting and unusual ideas that are realized with full dedication. It's no wonder that they create things that you can quickly relate to emotionally. Click through our portfolio and discover many fascinating items that stand out pleasantly from the unimaginative monotony of mass-produced monotony. Whether candleholders, bottle openers or wooden toy robots - Areaware makes the ordinary special, so that life remains beautifully varied. We are looking forward to your order in our well-assorted online shop!



HAND HOOKS | WALL HOOK or SHELF | Harry Allen | Areaware

Weiss | bestowWeiss | c'mereWeiss | grabWeiss | offer

CUBEBOT Small | 3D PUZZLE ROBOT | David Weeks | Areaware


GRADIENT | PUZZLE | 500 pcs | Bryce Wilner | Areaware

Black | whiteBlue | greenGreen | yellowRed | yellow

CUBEBOT® Micro | 3D PUZZLE ROBOT | David Weeks | Areaware


CONTOUR | KEY RINGS | Karl Zahn | Areaware

Black | bellBlack | petalBrass | bellBrass | bendMessing | tropfen 

GRADIENT | PUZZLE | 100 pcs | Bryce Wilner | Areaware

€18,50 €22,00
Black | whiteGreen | yellow

LITTLE PUZZLE THING | FOOD PUZZLES | Series II approx. 70 pcs | Areaware

CerealsCheeze puffChocolate barFrench friesGummy bearsPicklePopcornSoft pretzel

TABLE TILES | Wooden COASTERS with 3D graphics | Set of 6 | Bower | Areaware

MulticolorSchwarz & beigeRot & blauSchwarz & silber metallic