Connox Collection

The Connox Collection True to our motto "be unique." (engl. "be unique") it is the details and subtleties which make the designs of the Connox Collection to something very special. No matter if the flexible Wire shelving system or the sculptural Book Hook wooden bookmark, all products convince by a high demand of (multi-)functionality and suitability for everyday use. Sustainable design Production is always carried out with due regard for natural resources, which are used sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner: From the packaging to the product. Designed for longevity, the Connox Collection products are manufactured in a very high quality. Interdisciplinary design As a successful, international brand for designer furniture, we see our task not only in sales, but also in the promotion of (young) design talents and special craftsmanship. In this sense, we work together with established designers as well as young design students and autodidacts in the course of the Connox Collection, traditional handicraft meets modern graphic design. Always with the aim of creating furniture and accessories that inspire through durability, quality and timeless aesthetics.


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