Narghilé - Wasserpfeiffe von Airdiem


Peace, Love and Rock n Roll for the luxe lover!
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Ok, call us crazy, but we just reintroduced the 60's. Well not entirely to be honest, but this is what must ultimately be the best looking modern Shisha available anywhere. This definitely isn't your 'Grateful Dead loving' uncle's pipe, no no no. This is one super sleek and super sexy item - designed by Nedda El-Asmar for Airdiem - you happily display front, middle and center of your living room, unlike your uncle's, which is always hidden somewhere. The beauty with this one though, it's not just exciting on the outside, no also the inside is filled with amazing technology. High tech space age ceramic crafted to highest standards, interior elements perfectly fitting and integrated - simply amazing.

But that's not all, it also comes with an elegant and beautiful carrying bag so you can take it with you to the next dinner party you are invited to and show off your cool. In any case, here's some tech info you might find relevant and convincing, in case the gorgeous design hasn't won you over yet:

Body and handle of narghile in solid polished pewter, brilliant nish-Burner made of hi-tech ceramic. Pipe made of aeronautical polyamide treated with Te on.

2 mouthpieces made of culinary standard nacrine (i.e. synthetic mother-of-pearl).

Tongs for tobacco and charcoal - Carrying case.

Dimensions: High 15.7" (40 cm) diameter 4.4" (11 cm), weight 1.5 kg.


Marke Airdiem Herkunft Frankreich

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